Scotiabank Mobile App Redesign (Concept 2016)

banking exp.png


I have been serving as a retail banking officer for over two years and I have been continuously fulfilling my customers’ financial needs whilst interacting with them on a daily basis. On the other hand, as a UX designer, I think talking to my customers (including users of mobile banking apps) could well offer a greater insight than the standard scheduled interviews, questionnaires, surveys, etc. This unique insight continues when my customers have difficulty finding a specific transaction,  they do not know how to set up a recurring bill payment, or they are worried about the safety or privacy of mobile banking, etc.

Since my job enables me the privilege to “interview” users everyday, I believe this is an amazing opportunity for me, as a UX designer, to take the initiative and make the users’ mobile banking experience a little easier.

To my surprise, there is still a large number of customers who choose to do banking over the phone in 2016. A few popular activities are checking balances, the transfer of funds and bill payment. After reviewing the applications of other financial institutions, I felt assured that the features of MVP for my redesign were in line with those mentioned above.




flow chart.png




The contents of this case study, including but not limited to the trademark, logo, are copyright by The Bank of Nova Scotia (“Scotiabank”), 44 King Street West, 56th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 1H1. This case study is only for personal, non-commercial use.

SCENE is a registered trademark of SCENE IP LP.

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